Sapphire & Digiprime treatment – UV coating
We coat for HP Indigo 10000, 7000, 5000, 3000 and 2000 series presses

The Company

HP Indigo has appointed DecaPrime as official Media Treatment Centre (MTC) for commercial substrates. DecaPrime has grown in to an independent business unit focusing on treatment services and is now using its expertise to treat special commercial substrates for HP Indigo customers.

Working with HP means developing a strong partnership. Both companies have something important to offer and that can only benefit HP Indigo customers because the qualified media will give greater opportunities for HP Indigo press users able to print on some unusual substrates.

With an enormous variety of qualified paper and cardboard specifications the HP Indigo machines are incomparably the best option for digital printing.

Service Centre

As MTC, DecaPrime enables HP Indigo customers to take full advantage of the widest range of substrates possible. The optimized ink adhesion offers a new dimension of creative applications.

Do not hesitate to look for your own best applications and if necessarily contact us for answering your media treatment questions.